February 3, 2010

Of baby steps, and stutter steps

'Ello kiddies.
As you may have noticed, the once vibrant Fixin' To is dark and lonely right now. A temporary conundrum I can assure you. Seems a tree root has grown through one of our plumbing lines, meaning we're without water for a few days while the line is fixed. Good thing this was officially a "soft opening."
After a team meeting yesterday we reckoned that it was just best to shut it down for a couple of days during the repairs, gather ourselves, then reopen on Friday at 4 p.m. Just in time for your happy hour drinking.
We're bummed because we were just starting to get the hang of it but hey...by Friday we'll have mastered the "St. Johns Sweet Tea." Which, ya know, you simply MUST have.
Thanks for the support so far and see ya'll Friday.
Oh, and welcome to the blog.
The FT