February 5, 2010

Talkin' Fixin To Reboot Who Dat Blues

The two-days of hand-wringing and gut-wrenching and belly-aching are over. After a fun little construction project smack dab in the middle of our parking lot, the roots have been dug from our plumbing line and we can once again do fun things like flush toilets and wash dishes.

More importantly we can re-open the ol' Fixin' To again and get you good people (all four of you reading this) properly drinkified and full.

And if we haven't shoved it down your throat enough already...BRUNCH STARTS SUNDAY. And after that, we take off our tops, paint "fleur de lis" on our foreheads, and transform into New Orleans Saints HQ for the Super Bowl. DOWN WITH THE FETUS HEAD!

The 'Aints no more.

See ya'll soon...love, the FT.

1 comment:

  1. Make that five followers. Though I must say I don't much like the term follower, it somehow seems demeaning. But it seems to be the only option to keep in the loop of my favorite new bar in SJ. Whats up with the new St. John's Sweet Tea? Does this have anything to do with our yummy whisky/sweettea/and mulled oranges from the soft opening night? Just want to get some love if we started some sort of neighborhood trend. Mom's bday sunday, so can't make it for Megan's heavy handed pours, but promise to see you all soon.

    Jess and family